In Search of the Best Craft IPA in New Hampshire – RESULTS!

Our first New Hampshire craft IPA blind taste test is done and the results have been tabulated!

We took 15 of the best IPAs from New Hampshire, and had 9 local craft beer lovers sample them blind and rank them according to taste.   Each judge was able to sample as much of each beer, as many times as need to determine the final rankings.

Every judge had to order all the beers from 1 to 15, where 1 was the best.  All the rankings were collected and each beer was given a final score by totaling the ranks across the nine judges.

Here are the final results:

  1. Spyglass State Machine with Citra
  2. Litherman’s Misguided Angel
  3. Backyard’s Lazy Daze
  4. Breakaway’s Rise
  5. Kettlehead’s MI6
  6. Deciduous Smiling High
  7. Candia Road’s Tree Streets
  8. Concord Craft’s Safe Space
  9. Garrison City’s Isosceles
  10. Great Rhythm’s Double Squeeze
  11. From The Barrel’s Piipa
  12. Great North’s Tragically Hopped
  13. Rockingham’s Guinea Pig
  14. Stoneface’s Hopulization
  15. Long Blue Cat’s Radioface

Congratulations to Spyglass, Lithermans and Backyard breweries!  

Their beers will be placed into the Best New England IPA contest that we will be conducting sometime in future.

Congratulations to all the breweries that were in our tasting.  You all are continuing to improve and evolve the NH beer scene and we all thank you so much!!

If you favorite New Hampshire IPA did not make the contest or did not place where you feel it deserves, don’t worry, we will be doing this again very soon!

Next up, we will be heading to the great state of Maine to find it’s best IPAs.  We will keep posted!

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  1. That’s a nice list, and I’m not complaining, but wondering how you arrived at the original 15 to rank? What characteristics made these “15 of the best IPAs from New Hampshire?”

    1. We started by polling everyone on the team…to get the initial list and then published that on this blog and asked the public for more nominations to fill it out.

      Based on the comments and beer availability (which was actually a major factor) we then settled on the final list. There were some beers that we really felt should have been in there (ie Full Clip, Swipe Right, Our Town from Post and Beam, etc)…but they just weren’t available…so we had to fill in with others.

      We plan on doing this again because everything in NH is moving and evolving so fast…so hopefully those beers that missed out will have a chance next time.

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